About Us

Our Vision


Our vision is for everyone with an injury or chronic condition to return to their chosen sport/work/life. We strive to provide holistic care and support to every client we see so they can regain their physical and mental strength.


Most of our Exercise Physiologists have personally experienced the frustration and negative impacts of prolonged injury timeframes and this drives us to help others have more positive outcomes. We understand that for exercise to be a long term incorporation into your lifestyle it needs to be fun and/or social. We help you build a strong foundation of movement and strength to be able to join in with recreational fitness activities. We train with intent to accomplish your goals and give you the physical elements of performance that you require to live the life you desire.


The Team


We provide exercise therapy to decrease the negative side effects of cancer treatment and to heal musculoskeletal injuries. We work closely with you to identify your goals so we can tailor a program specific to your needs. We help you to break down any barriers and then establish some lifestyle modifications to get you back to optimal functioning both mentally and physically.


Our team at Holistic Dynamix have extensive experience in the health and wellness industry. We are able to identify any movement impairments that you may have and show you techniques to decrease your pain and increase your strength. By following our exercise program, we are confident that you will be able to return to your chosen sport/work/life. Healing injuries is our passion and offering our support is our pleasure.


About Vian


Vian suffered a back injury in 2008 which lead to surgery in 2010 after receiving the wrong treatment. This continues to drive his passion to help others receive the right treatment to get them back to normal functioning and living their lives to the fullest. After graduating as an Exercise Physiologist in 2011, Vian spent the following years gaining a broad knowledge base and treating injuries across various industries. Vian established Holistic Dynamix in 2017 and has since also seen the benefit of exercise oncology. Today Vian helps those with a cancer diagnosis as well as those suffering a musculoskeletal injury to not only return to their chosen sport/work/life but to be stronger than they ever imagined.

Vian Botma

Owner & Accredited Exercise Physiologist

How we can support you


  • Our job role plays a significant factor towards our identity.
  • Our job gives us purpose and direction in life.
  • Our job gives us a reason to get up everyday and it provides us with the financial support to live the life we want.
  • Our job allows us to buy things for our family and friends to create amazing memories.
  • With the correct treatment, every worker with a musculoskeletal injury should be able to return to their job.


  • Sport teaches us many values in life such as discipline, hard work ethic, teamwork, leadership, respect, etc.
  • Those that participate in sport are much healthier and have a strong support network of friends.
  • Everyone should participate in some form of sporting/recreational activity on a regular basis.
  • Those who engage with social physical activity are much more likely to enjoy exercise and make it part of their lifestyle.
  • A musculoskeletal injury should not prevent an athlete from returning to their chosen sport


  • Nothing should keep you from living the life you want.
  • Everyone should have the support to allow their body to function optimally.
  • Our bodies were made to move. Exercising prevents many chronic conditions.
  • Those that exercise often, live longer with a higher quality of life.
  • Exercise is medicine and should be incorporated into our lifestyle in a fun & social manner.
  • Regular exercise will decrease the side effects of medication.