Corporate Health

Healthy and active staff are better staff!

Healthy staff equal a productive and pleasant workplace. Holistic Dynamix works closely with our clients to understand their staffs’ current health circumstances and we embed health and fitness into their culture.


The outcomes we see are:


  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Attraction of high calibre employees

Group Exercise Classes

At Holistic Dynamix we provide a mobile service at a gym, park or beach close to you and your place of work for regular group-based exercise sessions.


This is a great way to get a large portion of your employees involved with some exercise before, during or after work. This creates an ongoing team bonding atmosphere and employees work together to complete workouts.


Our group exercise sessions are:
– Fun
– Social
– Full of variety


Our classes often have:
– Sports such as soccer, frisbee and touch rugby.
– Cardiovascular exercise routines.
– Strength based resistance training.
– Stretching for flexibility.

Individual Fitness Programs

We offer an individual fitness program for each staff member. These programs are based on your staffs’ current medical history and targeted towards achieving their goals.



Our programs are aimed to help your staff with:
– Better quality of sleep
– Improved mood
– Greater self confidence

Health Presentations

Knowledge of one’s own health, allows change for a better lifestyle. Holistic Dynamix attends regular site visits, toolbox meetings and presentations to groups of staff on a variety of health topics. These health topics empower companies and their staff to understand the key elements of the human body and all aspects of health. Our holistic approach gives our clients a clear path to optimal health whilst allowing a different path for each person’s unique circumstances.



Our presentations:
– Are interactive
– Are informative
– Create change