Exercise Rehabilitation

Regain your function

Conservative treatment in the form of Exercise Rehabilitation is the key to successful recovery of a musculoskeletal injury.


Exercise after an injury allows the muscles surrounding the injured area to remain strong and conditioned to protect the surrounding joints.


Low to moderate level intensity exercise has been shown to provoke an anti-inflammatory response within the muscles and act as a natural anti inflammatory for the body to overcome an injury and pathology to heal.


Our Exercise Physiologists at Holistic Dynamix are highly educated in correct movement patterns and strategies to assist our clients in regaining optimal function within the shortest timeframes.

Insurance Claims

Our clients return to work

Our Exercise Physiologists are mobile so we can do home visits and attend a gym nearby our client. We complete detailed assessments and screens to determine the cause of pain, whilst keeping all involved parties informed and updated. An asymmetry may be neurological, decreased range of motion, decreased strength or increased tension that leads to compensatory movements. Often our treatment is aimed to increase lifting restrictions through a strength based gym program and pain education. With the correct program in place our client’s pain will decrease as correct movement is restored and functional ability will return to normal.


We understand that not all injuries are physical and mental health injuries can also occur in the workplace. We have helped many clients return to the workplace after sustaining traumatic injuries. We work with our clients and adjust our services to be flexible to their needs and triggers. In the past we have provided both gym based and outdoor exercise routines dependent on our clients preference and goals.


Holistic Dynamix aims to allow all clients to self manage any ongoing symptoms, however we also offer comprehensive support networks to achieve or maintain an active lifestyle beyond a rehabilitation program. This will assist those wishing to continually improve their health and physique.


We start with light exercise

Hydrotherapy can be beneficial to injuries that are not ready for a gym based exercise program. Hydrotherapy allows movement to take place without gravity therefore maintaining range of motion prior to participating in a strength program. This simple act of moving the joint can provide a great foundation to progress from.


Progress back to required strength

We offer 1 on 1 supervised sessions to guide our clients through corrective exercises which help them get strong and overcome their injury. We provide regular updates to all stakeholders to assist with a graduated return to work. We have helped many injured workers regain their function to return to their pre-injury job.

Early Intervention Programs

Holistic Dynamix has established not only a cost effective but also an outcome focussed early intervention service.


This service is most appropriate for medium to large companies that are committed to employee health.


We work closely with Health and Safety Officers to act quickly when an injury has occurred so that we can support the injured worker right from the beginning.


Our program is proven to reduce insurance premiums and we are happy to send you a detailed break down of our seamless involvement into your organisation. Please contact us for further information on this great investment into your operation.

Spine Health

Every client is unique


There are many factors involved with spinal injuries. We are here to listen to your situation and concerns regarding your current limitations then help you turn these around to be pain free and stronger than ever before. Our assessments are thorough so that we can identify the root of your dysfunction. From here we design a structured exercise program for you to work through over the coming weeks.


By correcting your movement patterns, increasing muscle strength and control, we can reduce the stress through your joints. After following our exercise program, our clients often avoid the need for surgery or any other invasive procedures although we also have pre and post surgery exercise programs to allow the best outcome and prevent future re-occurrence.


We help you understand what’s going on


Our clients often come to us after they have already been to multiple other allied health practitioners with little to no improvement in their symptoms. Our program will be specifically tailored to our clients’ needs as we identify the correct treatment method that may have been over looked by the other practitioners.


We get results – 100% money back guarantee


Through years and years of experience in treating spinal injuries, we have established a system to get the best results in the industry. Our clients often have significant improvements within a few weeks. If you follow our program and you are not satisfied with the results then we will refund you 100%.