Group Exercise Classes

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Group exercise classes provide a social atmosphere and you become connected with others that are in a similar situation as yourself.


We offer group exercise sessions for those that would prefer a low cost and social option. Laugh, interact and exercise all at the same time proves to be a popular option for those that struggle with consistency in their exercise routine.


Everyone works at their own intensity and you will be guided by our Exercise Physiologist to ensure your fitness level is tailored for.

Over 50s

Our classes are mainly aimed at those that are over 50 years old and looking to maintain or improve their health.


Our exercise classes have cardiovascular fitness, strength training, flexibility, impact loading, balance and much more. Even if you have never been to a gym before, we will show you where to start and how to do the correct technique on each exercise.

Exercise Oncology

The benefits of exercise for cancer patients are becoming widely known to decrease the negative side effects of harsh treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and hormone therapy. 


Exercise has now been proven to reverse or reduce many of these side effects.


Side Effect Exercise
Fatigue Increases your energy levels
Reduced immune system Improves your ability to fight diseases
Muscle loss Regain your strength and function
Incontinence Strengthens your pelvic floor muscles



Our group classes will tailor to the specific requirements of your condition, however some of our clients prefer 1 on 1 sessions to closely monitor their technique and exercise prescription through their journey to recovery. Private sessions are extremely beneficial to those with other comorbidities or injury concerns and can be provided at your request.

Other Chronic conditions

We work with clients of all conditions and understand the importance of finding your entry level, starting light and progressing up. We love to help people that would never have even thought they could attend a gym class. We specialise in chronic conditions and injuries so no matter what your current condition, please contact us to see how we can help you to get involved and improve your overall health and wellbeing. 


We accept Medicare, DVA, NDIS, Insurance cases and private clients.